The Los Angeles League of Arts is governed by a 7 member board of directors that sets policies related to projects, focus, spending, investment, management, governance and professional standards, grant making, internal and independent audits. 


The foundation and the activities of LALAs BOD and staff members are governed by the following documents:

501c3 IRS Determination Letter

State of California Tax Exempt Status Determination Letter

Charter/Articles of Incorporation
Describes the purposes for which the foundation was organized.

Includes rules governing the foundation’s operations relating to the board of directors, board committees, officers and related matters.

Code of Ethics
Includes procedures for avoiding actual or apparent conflicts of interest by members of the board of directors

Vision and Mission Statement
Contains the moving force by which all activities of LALA must be focused.

Statement of Directors Authority  
Includes both activities the directors are not allowed to do along with a list of actions which must be carried out.

Duties of Directors  
Describes each position on the Board of Directors and defines their duties.


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