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Seraphim: The Spirit of Unification 2013

2013: SERAPHIM: THE SPIRIT OF UNIFICATION is a gift from the Los Angeles League of Arts and the entire Los Angeles Burning Man community to all of Los Angeles. We gift SERAPHIM as a source of healing. We are radically inclusive, thus everyone (including YOU) is invited to come to the park and decorate a piece of wood to be placed on the Vortex and burned on October 14th. You can come as groups or individually. What you write on the wood will come from your heart. They  are your hopes and dreams, fears and sorrows, memorials, inspirations, aspirations, prayers . . . anything burning inside you you need to release into the flames. ALL decorated wood will be burned.

The Seraphim burn has been postponed. The piece will burn but not on October 13th, 2013. Both the LA League of Arts and the LA Fire Department are in agreement that the conditions around the park are too dry and the burn posed a possible public safety issue. We will work with the fire department to find a suitable time and location for the ceremonial burn. 

To make a financial donation to SERAPHIM and help make this project possible please follow your heart.

We are a 501c3 public benefit corporation. Your donation is Tax Deductible. 

We need 130 people to donate $69 each to reach our budget goal. That does not seem that hard to manifest.

For a very special donation of $5000, you will be awarded a torch to  be part of the processional and light SERAPHIM on fire setting everyone’s intentions free.

The Los Angeles League of Arts BURN Project team has chosen to construct an art piece as follows:

Incorporating the multi-ethnic influences of the Los Angeles area, this year’s design, SERAPHIM, will be four Angels supporting and protecting a vortex of flame. Each Angel will be representative of an ethnicity reflecting the multicultural influences of the City of Los Angeles. One angel will be decorated with an Asian motif, one with a Hispanic motif, one with an African motif, and one with a European Motif. The design of the Angels will be multi-dimensional with the body and wings having topographic layers. Each of the angels is 12′ tall and the distance between them is 17′. The central vortex will be 20’ tall and 20’ wide at the top.
The Asian Angel will be facing East, the African South, the Hispanic West, and the European facing north. Each modular Angel will be assigned to an Art Team for decoration utilizing clean burning non-toxic media for the décor. Another team will decorate the structural components of the project. If you would like to participate by decorating a component of SERAPHIM please contact our project manager David Wedeen

The central Vortex, representative of a “Fire Sprite” commonly spawned by the large burns that occur at Burning Man is the child of the Angels and is a direct reflection of the Fertility of the Los Angeles Burning Man community. The central vortex will primarily be constructed of recycled shipping pallet slats which have been pre-dyed red, orange, and yellow using natural vegetable dyes. SERAPHIM will be erected the week before it burns in the LA State Historical Park. Everyone in Los Angeles will be invited to come during the week and write on a piece of pallet wood their hopes and dreams, fears and sorrows, memories, inspiration, aspirations . . . anything burning inside them they need to release into the flames. As the recycled pallet slats are completed the Seraphim team members will nail the slat onto the central vortex in a haphazard fashion until the entire vortex is covered in slats.

If you can not get to the park to write on the Vortex of Seraphim yourself, you can make a $5 donation with comment and have one of our Angel Guardians write your words on a board and place it on the Vortex. Follow this link toward your Vortex Expressions. 

“Playatech” style benches graced with palm tree and other iconic Los Angeles sights will be placed in and around the installation so as to provide a place for reflection and rest. Other art teams will be assigned to the individual benches.

It is our intent to utilize as much in the way of recycled wood and wood products as possible. To make a donation of wood and materials please contact David “Widget” Wedeen at


Lighting will be low power Electro-luminescent tape and wire with color changing LED accent lighting. Additional lighting will be provided by simple solar powered LED lights to enhance safety around the structure. Lighting will be controlled at the same location as the Flame Effects. Layers of the topographic features of the individual Angels will be illuminated with EL Tape and Wire. Color changing LED wash and spots will illuminate the central Vortex, foot-light the Angeles, and provide ambient light for the safety of participants. All lighting will have low power consumption and the anticipated draw will be less than 15 amps.


The structure itself will be designed to withstand all possible weather conditions including 90mph wind gusts by our structural engineer. Ground anchors and cables may be utilized to further secure the structure.

Burn Plan Features:

On the evening of the Seraphim Burn, all four angels will raise their counterweighted wings as the piece burns.
With our primary emphasis on safety, the Los Angeles League of Arts will provide ample perimeter personnel and will additionally have at least two members of our team in full fire department “turn out” gear during the burn. An outer perimeter team will chase down and extinguish any embers which may blow in the park.
An Ember Watch team will remain on site until all the ashes have cooled and the site is ready for the Leave No Trace process to begin.

Leave No Trace:

After the project has been reduced to ashes, our LNT team will remove all metal, remaining charred wood and prepare the site for the removal of the clean DG (Decomposed Granite). We will utilize rakes, shovels and magnetic rakes to recover all metal, including screws, nails, bolt, nuts, cables and any other foreign materials that are not consumed by the fire


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