2017 LALA Board Candidates

FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: This election is for the Los Angeles League of Arts (LALA). It is NOT for an LA BM Regional position.  We are looking for people who will make the foundation of the organization stronger. With a stronger organization, LALA will provide for the community with greater agility.  As you vote, please think about what would make the strongest possible board of directors. This is not a popularity contest. This is to grow the Los Angeles League of Arts into the organization that best represents you and helps your dreams become realities.




(in alphabetical order by first name)

Ari Schindler, Playa Name: Lucifer

Years at Burning Man: 15
Occupation: Entrepeneur , Bar Owner, Consultant
Other Boards Served On: None

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In the default world I’m the owner of The Other Door bar, as well as being a software architect, game designer, and entrepreneur. At That Thing In The Desert, I’m the director of the Black Rock French Quarter, and one of the founders of a dozen theme camps including the Golden Cafe, the Black Rock Bakery, and the Broken Angel Bathhouse. In the Los Angeles Burning Man community I provide permits, bar service, and other assistance for events such as Decompression. My expertise includes the kind of administration, organization, logistics, fundraising, and permitting that goes into raising buildings in the desert, running bars and restaurants, hosting parades and festivals, designing interfaces, creating products, and most especially, building teams.

My passion is unlocking human potential through the fostering of communities. Everything I have ever created in life, from theme camps, to educational software, to various companies, has been an exploration in how groups of people interact to be effective and find fulfillment in projects. I see this indirect role, in nurturing the talents of others, so that they can realize their own creations, as being my true art form.

I am interested in joining the board to make my talents and expertise available to the existing members. I believe the greatest value I can provide to our community is in propagating the skills and knowledge that others need to succeed at their own artistic and creative ventures. And although I can provide a driving vision to some of the groups I am part of, in LALA I see my role as facilitating the visions put forward by everyone else.

If there is any particular idea I would like to advance myself, it is that transformative power of Burning Man comes from people working together in projects. In this context, a project could be a work of art, or an event, or an organization pursuing some goal. And so a core function of Burner culture is to help community members find the right team, and the right project, that allows them to explore their full potential. And this is one of the things I believe LALA can strive to do.


Eric Ell, Playa Name: Ranger Yoda

Years at Burning Man: 7 – first year on Playa 2006 Hope and Fear

Occupation: Healthcare Consultant

Other Boards Served On: Long Beach Play House, HOA, Hospital Foundations

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Throughout my life I have picked up skills by following my passions, and it has provided me with a mix of abilities that I feel will help LALA grow in its mission to provide infrastructure, mentorship and resources to our community.

I was born into the arts community in Los Angeles. My father owned an art gallery on Sunset in the 60’s called “Art” Mart…it is likely where I was conceived. My life, quite literally, has been built on a solid foundation of artistic values. Fortunately, since my family also made art a business, I also got a healthy dose of business acumen and an entrepreneurial spirit. The skills that I learned there make me well suited to the challenges on the business side of what our community needs. LALA’s projects provide support to the creative community by means of business infrastructure, resources and mentorship – just like the family business that I grew up in.

My time in theatre and the movie industry was always behind the scenes. Over the years, I gained experience in lighting, sound, sets, props, fundraising, and ticket sales. I preferred setting the stage for others to perform. I do the same thing now with my career in emergency medicine, and feel I would be able to be that same support organ for LALA – a silent partner, an infrastructure to hold up what others create.

In my career as a paramedic, I practiced medicine on a retail level, only being able to affect a few people at a time. Through the course of my career, I have figured out how to create infrastructure and systems to help others be able to do what I used to do. Now, I am able to provide assistance on a wholesale level. I have created the opportunity to affect many people by understanding and executing the support systems that make them flourish. I see the same possibility here.

I started as a burner, became a ranger, green dot, blue dot, and at local events I can be found helping out in any way possible. As a board member, I will be able to use my networking skills, and my ability to find unique synergies and resources to support and encourage our creative, graceful and playful community.  Being on the LALA board would give me the ability to engage our community on a greater scale than I have been able to as an individual, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve that which has served me so well over the years.


Peichieh Wu, Playa Name: PeiJ

Years at Burning Man: ?

Occupation: Dietitian, Healer, World Traveler

Other Boards Served On: None

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LALA is facilitating and cultivating a fast growing and creative community, and this community has a limitless possibility for each of you to grow, expand, and have fun. To be able to have LALA run as a self sustainable board, each member on the team volunteer to work selflessly to make ideas into actions, continuously.

I was volunteering as Associate Producer for BurningMan Regional event – LA Decom 2016 and had the chance to assist with LALA on coordinating the logistic and the function for the event. My experience working with LALA’s board members has been very pleasant, and learning about the Mission and the Vision of the organization has once again strengthen/awaken my own Mission to create an easy channel for each one of you to be part of the community.

My “Professional” background is in Alternative and Herbal Medicine, Healthcare/Wellness, Dietitian/Nutritionist, and Natural Healing; in two words – Hippie Doctor. I served in various different types of communities and boards interacting between local high schools, organizations, governments, and universities. Bastyr University was one of the well known Naturopathic School that I graduated and worked closely with. I was on the production team with the Permaculture Community in Greater Seattle-King County; I was the Co-Producer for Community Arts Create in local community center facilitating after school programs teaching high school students farming/gardening, health and wellness class, and art projects; all the projects I worked with are non-profit and self sustainable operation, which means it involves a lot of free labor, volunteer coordinating, donations, grant/free money, grant writing, and team work. Besides community permaculture and art project, I am also on the production team for BurningMan San Diego Regional Decom – Youtopia, as well as some local events in Orange County; participating in event production has helped myself and many artists bring their message to the world and we need more of these message to reach more souls.

To help LALA moving forward in the year on 2017, the Aquaponics project for Santee High School, The LA Decome 2017, Bequinox, local Burning Man activities, or YOUR Art Projects/Education Project/Fun projects are all on the list. My goal is to facilitate any individual or groups that has the passion to create and need a little bit more help or need a team and a community to make ideas into actions, as well as bring more ideas and volunteers on board to expand and present local LA artist internationally.




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